Cryptocurrency Faucetlist of 200 Currencies

Faucets are sites which dispense free cryptocurrencies when you visit the site and click the claim button. These sites pays you a share of their ad revenue. Most Faucets are legit, although you might click away many ads and payout cents per claim . If you think that the payout from these cryptocurrencies is low and not worth your time, consider this: The payout from the first cryptocurrency faucet was 2 BTC >per claim<. Below you can access an extensive list of faucets covering most cryptocurrencies. You might not have the money or energy to buy all tokens out there that might experience Bitcoins, Ethereums or Litecoins price surge. But you can claim from the faucets every day or so and put together a nice portfolio. 

Step 1:  Open your Microwallet Accounts 

Open Microwallet accounts at and, most Faucets pay your directly into these wallets. From there you can send your coins to an exchange which will allow you to keep them or buy units of another cryptocurrency. 

Go ahead, and claim from every faucet below. Come back and claim everyday, happy earning!